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ssg-12 solid insulated ring network cabinet

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The SSG-12 solid insulation ring network switchgear
Solid insulated RMU is a smart cloud device with eco-friendly materials, economical price and convenient operation. All conductive parts of the switch are sealed or encapsulated in solid insulating material. Main switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing, isolation switch adopts three-position structure, and the adjacent cabinets are connected by solid insulated Busbar, and epoxy resin is used as the insulation on charge body to the ground and between phases of new power distribution equipment.
It meets the requirements of reducing exhaust gas pollution for electrical products advocated by the state, and is suitable for small secondary distribution stations, open and closed stations, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, railroads, commercial areas, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, tunnels and other fields. Especially for plateau, wet, cold and low-lying special environment.

The SSG-12 solid insulation ring network switchgear, high-voltage metal enclosed switchgear is a smart cloud equipment with environment-friendly materials, economical price and convenient operation. All conductive parts in the switch are firmly sealed or sealed in solid insulating materials. The main switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing, the disconnector adopts three position structure, and adjacent cabinets are connected through solid insulating bus bars. The secondary circuit adopts integrated control technology and supports the data transmission function. When the equipment is installed and powered on at the site, the equipment will spontaneously signal to shake hands with the master station for the first time. The master station will obtain the health status, coordinate position, operating environment and operating parameters of the equipment, so that the operation and maintenance personnel can timely master the operating status of the equipment.

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Operating parameters

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●  The SSG-12kV solid insulation ring network switchgear is a smart cloudequipment with environment protection materials, economical price andconvenient operation.
All conductive parts in the switch are fixed or sealed in solid insulatingmaterials.
● The main switch adopts vacuum arc, and the disconnector adoptsthree position structure. The adjacent cabinets are connected by solidinsulated bus bars.
● The secondary circuit adopts integrated control technology and supports data transmission function.


operating environment




≤4000m(Please specify when the equipment operates at
an altitude above 1000m so that the inflation pressure
and the strength of the air chamber can be adjusted
during manufacture)



Ambient Humidity
24h relative humidity not exceeding 95%on average;
The monthly relative humidity does not exceed 90%on


Ambient temperature
Maximum temperature:+50℃;
Minimum temperature:-40℃;
The average temperature in 24h does not exceed 35℃.


Application Environment
Suitable for highland,coastal,alpine and high filth areas;
Seismic intensity:9 degrees.

Internal structure


01 Switchgear Layout
※Cabinet merging mode
The fully insulated and enclosed standard European top expansion bus system is adopted, which is convenient for installation and low in cost.
※Cable bin
1.The cable compartment can only be opened when the feeder has been isolated or grounded.
2.The bushing shall comply with DIN EN 50181 standard and shall be connected with M16 bolts. The arrester can be connected behind the T-shaped cable terminal.
3.The integrated CT is located at the casing side, which is convenient for cable installation and is not affected by external forces,
4.The height from the casing installation place to the ground shall be more than 650mm.
※Pressure relief channel
In case of internal arcing fault, the special pressure relief device installed at the lower part of the body will automatically start for pressure relief.

02 Main Circuit
※Circuit breaker
1.High voltage circuit adopts pressure equalizing shielding technology, which is fixed or sealed in the epoxy resin shell at one time.
2.Vacuum arc extinguishing is equipped with sine curve mechanism, which has strong arc extinguishing ability and saves effort in closing and opening operation.
3.The shafting support of the transmission system is largely designed with needle roller bearing, which is flexible in rotation and high in transmission efficiency.
4.Rectangular contact spring is adopted, with stable force value and long mechanical and electrical life.
1.The disconnector is designed with three positions to prevent misoperation.
2.High performance disc spring ensures the stability of contact pressure and is conducive to the design of contact with closing shape, thus ensuring the reliability of grounding closing.


04 Maintenance-Free and Wide-Angle Len
1.High voltage live circuit is installed in stainless steel box with laser welding, which is free from external environment during operation and can realize lifelong maintenance free.
2.The leakage current between the high-voltage grounding and the isolation fracture is reliably grounded through the air box to achieve full insulation.
3.The possibility of arcing failure in the box is very small, mainly due to the following structure:
• Each phase adopts independent arc extinguishing device.
• The disconnector adopts a three position structure.
• Quick earthing switch with relevant closing function.
• The insulation is not affected by the external environment
4.In case of internal arcing fault, the pressure relief valve installed at the bottom of the box will start.
5.The wide-angle lens is equipped with LED light source, which can effectively observe the closing, opening and grounding conditions of the disconnector to facilitate the maintenance of the operation and maintenance personnel. The lens barrel is made of aluminum alloy, which has high strength and avoids the risk of primary circuit seal failure caused by aging.


03 Operating mechanism
※Main mechanism
The precise transmission mechanism with reclosing function adopts spline connection, needle roller bearing and high-performance oil buffer design scheme, thus ensuring the mechanical life of the product more than 10000 times.
※Three position isolation mechanism
The three position isolation mechanism with quick closing function is designed with single spring and two independent operating shafts to avoid misoperation.
※The circuit breaker mechanism and the three position isolation mechanism can be loaded with electric operation scheme. All electrical components are installed in the front of the mechanism, which can be added and maintained at any time.

05Human-computer Interface
1.The analog bus panel is clear and easy to operate.
2.The main switch is designed with a button for easy operation. The button structure is made of zinc alloy to avoid aging and failure.
3.The operation hole is designed with an anti misoperation cover, which can be padlocked.
4.Two independent operation holes are used for isolating and grounding switches.
5.The grounding switch shall be equipped with a "voltage locking device" to prevent the grounding switch from closing by mistake when electrified.
6.The wide-angle lens with its own lighting system is convenient to observe the isolated fracture.
7.The spline handle that can be inserted in any direction is convenient for opera
06Core Unit
The core unit module can be sold separately, and all parameters have been adjusted in place before leaving our factory. Customers do not need to debug, but only need to install the core unit module in the cabinet for complete set; Our company provides customers with a full range of cabinet drawings, secondary schematic diagrams, product manuals, promotional materials, technical consulting and other services for free.


Executive standard

Executive standards 
GB 3906-2006 3.6kV~40.5kV AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear and Control Equipment
GB/T 11022-2011 Common Technical Requirements for High Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Standards
GB 3804-2004 36kV~40.5kV High voltage AC Load Switch
GB 1984-2014 High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker
GB 1985-2014 High Voltage AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches
GB 3309-89 Mechanical Tests of High-Voltage Switchgear at Room Temperature
Executive standards 
GB 13540-2009 Seismic Requirements for High Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment
GB/T 13384-2008 General Technical Conditions for Packaging of Mechanical and Electrical Products
GB/T 13385-2008 Packaging Drawing Requirements
GB/T 191-2008 Pictorial Marks for Packaging, Storage and Transportation
GB 311.1-2012 Insulation Coordination Part 1 Definitions, Principles and Rules
Q/GDW 730-2012 Technical Conditions for 12kV Body Insulated Ring Main Unit

Our Factory View

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  • Parameters
    1 Rated frequency/voltage/current 50Hz/12kV/630A
    2 Rated short-time withstand current 20kA/4s
    3 Rated power frequency withstand voltage 42/48kV
    4 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 75/85kV
    5 Category of loss of operation continuity LSC 2B
    6 Internal arc rating Arrange against the wall IAC A FL 20kA/1S
    Arrange from wall IAC A FLR 20kA/1S
    7 Protection grade of switch/cabinet IP67/IP41
    1 Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ 60℃ (Customized below -25 ℃)
    2 Relative humidity ≦95%
    3 Altitude ≦4000米
    4 Anti-seismic 8级
    5 Especially suitable for plateau, coastal, alpine, high pollution and other areas.
    ※SSG-12 environmental gas insulated ring network switchgear will not have the problem that the air pressure gradually decreasing like SF6 switch at low temperature, and the insulation will continue to decline throughout the process, leading to insulation failure