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Environmentally friendly gas insulated ring main unit

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SSR series environmentally friendly gas insulated switchgear is based on our company’s years of R & D and production of Ring Main Units. We have upgraded the gas insulated Ring Main Units and launched the corresponding SSR series of environmentally friendly gas insulated Ring Main Units with a voltage level of 12 kV. This product is mainly used in the indoor and outdoor ring network complete switchgear in the 12KV power grid distribution system. The product fully meets the technical requirements of distribution network standardization, and through careful design and layout in the early stage of design, the product has both upper and lower isolation schemes, and the upper and lower isolation schemes are the same set of parts and components, with high product stability and strong versatility.
SSR series environmentally friendly gas insulated switchgear is equipped with various unit cabinet schemes: load switch cabinet, circuit breaker cabinet, PT cabinet, etc., to meet the needs of different solutions of customers on the market. We have conducted a comprehensive test on these units/modules before delivery, and they can be installed and used after leaving the factory. The installation of the equipment does not require any special tools. Customers can select unit modules according to their needs and integrate them to form a complete set of equipment.

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Our fully insulated intelligent ring network cabinets cover SF6 gas insulated series, solid insulated series and environmental protection gas insulated series. After research and development, design and manufacture, we are fully equipped with the production capacity of standardized ring network cabinets and have obtained relevant third-party test reports.
At present, they are widely used in distribution systems with high power supply reliability requirements, such as urban commercial centers, industrial concentrated areas, airports, electrified railroads and high-speed highways.


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