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How does the dehumidifier work?

When the fan draws in humid air, it will be condensed into water by the semiconductor condensing sheet, which will drip into the water channel under the action of gravity and then flow out of the cabinet from the silicone water guide pipe. The air that the condensing piece failed to have condensed into water becomes dry air after being heated by the heating piece and then blown into the cabinet by the fan, thus reducing the humidity inside the cabinet. At the same time, the intelligent dehumidifier adopts an external signal acquisition sensor, which can collect the real humidity inside the cabinet in real time and accurately, to ensure that the intelligent dehumidifier will start dehumidifying in advance when the cabinet reaches the condensation condition.

What are the components of intelligent dehumidifier equipment?

The intelligent dehumidifier is mainly composed of an aluminum alloy housing, a circuit board, a power module, a fan, a semiconductor condenser, an overclocking heat sink, a water diversion tank, and a silicone water pipe.

What are intelligent dehumidifiers mainly used for?

The intelligent dehumidifier is mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, ring main unit, GIS control cabinets, box-type substations, moisture-proof storage of components, etc.

What are the features of your company's dehumidifier?

The features of our dehumidifier are as follows

1, Small volume, light weight, easy and quick installation.

2, Automatic and manual dehumidification function switching, temperature start value and dehumidification start value adjustable.

3, Dehumidification duct active de-condensation, discharge gas heating, and humidity reduction, effectively achieve a comprehensive treatment of moisture and dehumidification of the enclosed space of the electrical cabinet.

4, Humidity, and temperature sensors 24-hour real-time sampling, beyond the set start value, automatically removes condensation.

5, Humidity, and temperature settings with memory functions will not disappear because of stopping and turning on the power.

6, Fault display function, which can quickly find fault points to ensure normal operation.

7, Our dehumidifier condenses the water vapor in the air inside the equipment removes it from the cabinet through the guide water tube, thus overcoming the shortcomings of ordinary heating dehumidifiers and realizing real dehumidification. Fundamentally solve the hidden dangers caused by the condensation phenomenon.