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6-35kV Cold Shrink Cable Accessories Environmentally

Short Description:

Silicone rubber cable accessories can effectively solve the problem of electric field stress concentration at the stripped part of the cable semiconductor layer through the built-in stress control unit of geometric shape, and the stress control unit is integrated with the insulating layer. Using the good elasticity of silicone rubber, the interference fit between the accessories and the cable core insulation ensures the tight combination between the cable core insulation and the accessories, thereby ensuring the interface characteristics.
The outer insulation design of the silicone rubber cable accessories meets the level IV pollution environment. The unique interval design of the rain skirt not only increases the specific creepage distance of the product, but also improves its ability to prevent pollution flashover.
The function of the cable terminal is to assemble to the head and end of the cable line to complete the connection with other electrical equipment. There are outdoor terminals, indoor terminals, elbow terminals, etc.. Cable terminals must have uniform cable end electric field distribution to achieve effective control of electrical stress. Make sure the electric field distribution and electric field strength are in the best possible state. Make the electric field distribution as uniform as possible to improve the reliability of cable operation. The products comply with GB/T 12706-2008, GB/T 11017-2002, IEC 60502:2005, IEC 60840:2004 and other standards.

Product Detail

silicone rubber

Properties of LSR (liquid silicone rubber)
● silicone rubber composed of silicone and oxygen hose
● both the organic and inorganic properties.
● main properties:
● excellent UV and Ozone resistance
● optimal climate and aging resistance
● temperature, ambient - 50°C ~+ 50°C
● high elasticity
● unconfined term for reserve
● constant hydrophobic and transferred property
● excellent burning and temperature resistances
● electrical tracking resistance
● particular environmental protection


cable accessories

● the stress control units inserted in the insulating tube of accessories relieve effectively the concentration of electrical field at the point of the peeled inner conductive layer of cable. This unit is injected molded into one piece.
● with the advantage of high elasticity and sealed effect the inner diameter of the insulating tube is designed to avail the tighter inserting of cable and ensure gapless interface.
● the design of the outer insulation is suitable the IV degrees of contaminated environment
● special design of interval arrangement umbrella increases not only creepage distance, but also improves ability to prevent the flash

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