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Low-Voltage Fixed Separate SwitchgearsGCK//GDF/GGD/GGJ/MNS

Short Description:

Low-voltage Fixed Separate Switchgear is suitable for low-voltage power distribution systems with AC 50HZ/60HZ, rated working voltage 380~660V and below, for power receiving, power feeding, bus linkage, motor control and power compensation. It covers the functions of power center (PC) and motor control center (MCC). It is widely used in electric power, airports, ports, subways, mines, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals, residential quarters, high-rise buildings and other places.
The products meet the requirements of IEC, GB7251 and other standards.

Product Detail

Product Overview

GCK, GGD type AC low-voltage power distribution switchgears are suitable for power distribution systems with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V and rated working current up to 3150A for power plants, substations, factories and mining enterprises and other power users. As power, lighting and power distribution equipment for power transformation, distribution and control.
GCK and GGD type AC low-voltage distribution switchgears use air as arc extinguishing and insulating medium, and the products are characterized by high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong series and practicality, novel structure and high protection level.

High security and reliability
(1) Enclosed structure, the body protection level is IP30, which can completely prevent operators and operation and maintenance personnel from touching the live parts and ensure the personal safety of personnel. At the same time, it can avoid the harmful substances such as water vapor and dust in the external environment from affecting the insulation level and operating life of the live parts, and ensure the reliable operation of the equipment during the whole life cycle.
(2) Simple structure, flexible operation, reliable mechanical and electrical interlocks, which can ensure the personal safety of the operator.
(3) Mechanical stability of circuit breaker mechanism ≥10000 times.
(4) The perfect anti-arc design can prevent the high temperature and high pressure gas from harming personnel when a fault occurs in the product.

Simple structure and easy replacement design
(1) GCK series adopts standard parts C profile installation, which can be quickly adjusted according to different programs to achieve the program design requirements.
(2) Each functional unit adopts modular design, the same unit can be interchangeable.
• Good heat dissipation and long life cycle
(1) The large internal space of the switchgear makes it have better heat dissipation, practicality and operability, and improves the life cycle and operational safety of the product.
• Easy installation and maintenance-free
(1) The product unit can be installed right after it is shipped.
(2) All units/modules have been routinely tested before shipment.
(3) No special tools are required to install these devices.
(4) The product is easy to install and maintenance-free.

Technical Parameters

Normal environmental conditions
GCK, GGD series is operated/served under normal environmental conditions and complies with IEC standards.
• Environmental temperature
- Max. temperature +40℃
- Max. temperature (average of 24 hours) +35°C
- Min. temperature -5°C Note 2)
• Humidity
- Max. average relative humidity
- 24 hours measurement ≤95%
- 1 month measurement ≤90%
• Installation altitude
Generally ≤ 2000 meters Special > 2000 meters Note 1)

• Color
- Switchgear front panel (can be customized according to customers)
• Special conditions
Note 1): Please consult when the electrical equipment is installed at an altitude of 2000m or more.
Note 2): When it is lower than -5℃, you need to inform

Product Dimensions

Function & configuration

– LV Withdrawable Switchgear
Standard configuration:

• 630A frame switch

• 630A Busbar

• Current Transformer

• Function Room

• Cable bracket

– LV Fixed Switchgear
Standard configuration:

• 630A frame switch

• 630A Busbar

• Isolating switch

• Current Transformer

• Spacing unit

• Cable bracket

– Enclosed Power Box
Standard configuration:

• 630A molded-case circuit breaker

• 630A Busbar

• Current Transformer

• Cable bracket

Equipment Installation

                                              Indoor Installation Basics

                                                  Outdoor Installation Basics

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