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SF6 Insulated Ring Main Unit

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The SSU series fully insulated, compact ring main unit is an SF6 gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear independently developed by Seven Stars Electric. The product adopts a modular design and can be arranged arbitrarily according to different design schemes. It is a perfect combination of common box units and extended units. It meets the needs of various secondary substations for flexible use of compact switch cabinets. After R&D, design, and manufacturing, it has fully possessed the production capacity of standardized Ring Main Units and obtained relevant third-party inspection reports. Widely used in distribution stations, box-type switching stations, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, railways, commercial areas, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, expressways, subways, tunnels and places with harsh natural conditions.

SF6 fully enclosed and fully insulated Ring Main Units use SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium, mainly used as three-phase AC rated voltage 12kV, frequency 50Hz ring network power supply and terminal power supply equipment.

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Our fully insulated intelligent ring network cabinets cover SF6 gas insulated series, solid insulated series and environmental protection gas insulated series. After research and development, design and manufacture, we are fully equipped with the production capacity of standardized ring network cabinets and have obtained relevant third-party test reports.
At present, they are widely used in distribution systems with high power supply reliability requirements, such as urban commercial centers, industrial concentrated areas, airports, electrified railroads and high-speed highways.


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