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12/24kv metal-clad intelligent switchgear

Short Description:

Under the modular design concept, ZS8N (KYN1-12/24) metal-clad removable AC switchgear greatly adopts structural components of high technical standard. It can be equipped with withdrawable circuit breaker, contactor and a load break switch, and is applicable to three-phase AC distribution system of 3.6-24kV.

Product Detail

Application Fields

● Power station, substation, switching station, main and subsidiary switch station, etc.
● Papermaking, cement, textile, chemicals, food, automobile, petroleum, metallurgy, mine and other industrial fields
● Airport & seaport, railway & metro, land transport and other transportation enterprises
● Offshore drilling rig, drilling platform, offshore oil exploitation, steamer and other marine and offshore operation fields
● Service industry, real estate industry, residential community construction, etc.

Note: There will be condensation once the switchgear operates in such environment that is of high humidity and fast & big temperature fluctuation which are common in many areas of China. Therefore:
1) After the installation of switchgear, heater shall be put into operation as soon as possible.
2) The heater shall be put into operation all day long when the switchgear is under backup and operating status.
3) The heater can stop when the actual load current of the switchgear reaches or surpasses 1250A

Operating conditions

● Ambient temperature:
-Maximum                                                                                   +40°C
-Minimum -15°C
-Average temperature within 24 hours                            ≤+35°C
● Humidity
-Average daily relative humidity                                         ≤95%
-Average monthly relative humidity                                  ≤90%
● Altitude:                                                                                      ≤1000m
● Earthquake intensity:                                                            ≤8 magnitude

The switchgear shall be installed in places free from fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical and corrosive gas and violent vibration.
Special operating conditions: In case the switchgear is to be installed in highland areas with an altitude beyond 1000 meters, necessary reinforced insulation measures must be taken through negotiating with the manufacturer at the time of ordering. When the ambient temperature is above +40°C, the rated current-carrying capability of the switchgear will fall as per certain coefficient, which must be confirmed by the manufacturer when ordering.

Switchgear's Advantages in Technical Performance

Structural features of the enclosure
● Modular structure, contact and standard arrangement, high space utilization rate
● Three specifications of 650mm, 800mm and 1000mm are optional for enclosure width as per different rated current and breaking capability
● Each compartment is partitioned by metal plates and bushings. And the three HV compartments (Busbar, circuit breaker and cable terminal compartments) are all equipped with upward pressure release duct used to release arcing pressure and make sure the safety when there is inner arcing
● The truck is of interchangeability and the driving unit with a precise lead screw mechanism guarantees the reliability and flexibility of the truck that can operate with the door closed
● The circuit breaker truck and the grounding device can realize electrical operation.
● The structural design guarantees that all operations and maintenance can be conducted in front of the switchgear and the switchgear can be installed against the wall.
● The whole enclosure adopts imported Al-Zn-coated plate with high mechanical strength.
● Only when the truck is in the test or withdrawal place, the compartment door of the circuit breaker can be opened.
● Mounting-panel-type emergency trip device can quickly eliminate fault as it occurs so as to guarantee personnel and device safety.
● The V-Sea circuit breaker developed by our company through introducing German technology is selected. Special notes shall be made for the configuring circuit breaker of another model.

Features of control and protection configuration
● ZS8N switchgear, as a product for mid-and-high-end market, chooses internationally and domestically famous brands for its secondary components so as to guarantee the high quality;
● ZS8N switchgear is equipped with PRD300 series of relay protection products manufactured by our company (products of internationally and domestically famous brands ate also available) which enable it to meet various protection requirements of the current power system and reach a perfect, uniform and integrated coordination;
● Plug-in miniature Busbar technology is adopted for convenient installation and replacement;
● The lighting of LV and cable compartment uses LED of good color rendering as light-emitting component. Under the same brightness, the energy consumption is only 25% of that commonly used auxiliary lights;
● Multiple LEDs in series and protective circuit can guarantee that the remaining LEDs are in normal work even if certainly LED goes wrong.
● Special design structure can eliminate the lighting effect problem caused by small divergence angle of LED lighting.
● The design of wide power supply applies to the powerful environment of AC/DC110-230V and is especially suitable for that control feeder.
Features of safety protection
● ZS8N has safe and reliable interlocking to guarantee the correct operation sequence and the safety of personnel and device;
● Pass 40 kA inner arcing test;
● Pass temperature rising test of 1.1 times rated current;
● Pass electromagnetic compatibility test;
Waveform meshed board is applied in pressure releasing channel, which guarantees a high protection grade of IP4 and is helpful for ventilation and heat dissipation primary circuits.


Compliance Standards and Technical Parameters

Switchgear's Structure

Primary Components

Typical Scheme

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