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ZW20 User Demarcation Circuit Breakers

Short Description:

ZW20-12/24 User Demarcation Circuit Breaker is an outdoor distribution equipment with rated voltage12KV,three-phase AC 50HZ.It is mainly used to open and close the load current,overload current and short-circuit current in the power system,and also used as single-phase grounding protection of vacuum circuit breaker.It is suitable for the protection and control of substations, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as urban and rural power grids, and is especially suitable for frequent operation places and urban power grid automation distribution systems.The product is used with the control device to meet the requirements of distribution automation system.

Product Detail

Use conditions

The altitude does not exceed 1000M;

Ambient air temperature: -40°C — +40°C; daily temperature difference: daily temperature change <25°C;

The wind speed is not greater than 34m/s;

No flammable, strengthened chemical corrosives (such as various acids, alkalis or dense smoke, etc.) and places with severe vibration.

Main features

★ It can be matched with the controller to realize remote control, telemetry, telematics, and telecontrol, realizing "four remote" functions.

★ Flexible and convenient operation with electrical energy storage, splitting, and closing functions or manual energy storage, splitting, and closing functions that can be operated at a close distance.

★ Excellent braking performance, breaking short-circuit current 25 kW up to 30 times;

★ Adopting silica gel sleeve, high climbing point than distance

★CT ratio can be adjusted directly by transfer switch

★Airline plug connection,with automatic interface

★Automatic excision of single-phase ground fault

★Automatic disconnection of phase-to-phase short circuit fault

★Real-time monitoring of user load

Order instructions

★ Number of products and rated parameters

★ CT ratio

★ Installation method

★ Other special function configuration

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