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Power Dehumidifier

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Drainage type dehumidifier is a device used to dehumidify the gas, mainly used in various terminal boxes, distribution cabinets, switch cabinets, etc.. The refrigeration part of this dehumidifying device uses a semiconductor refrigerator, so the device has the characteristics of being small and light.
An ordinary heating-type dehumidifier is designed to raise the ambient temperature so that the air can hold more water vapor, thus preventing water vapor from condensing in the frame.But in fact, the water vapor in the air stays in the air for a long time, and once the ambient temperature drops sharply, it will make the water vapor condense on the surface of the electrical equipment, which still has a greater risk.
Compared with the traditional dehumidifier, the working principle of the drainage-type dehumidifier developed by our company is slightly different. The dehumidifier developed by our company is the water condensation in the air inside the device, and discharged through the diversion pipe outside the cabinet, thus overcoming the shortcomings of the ordinary heating type dehumidifier, realizing the real dehumidification, fundamentally solving the hidden problems caused by the phenomenon of condensation when the temperature drops.

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Main Features

★1 power indicator, 1 status indicator

★ Intelligent detection of temperature, automatically start or stop the alarm.

★ When stopping dehumidification, the cooling fan is delayed for 1 minute before stopping.

★ Intelligent detection of relative humidity, automatically start or stop dehumidification.

★ Power input optional.

★ Automatically stop dehumidification when the dehumidification time is too long.

★2-bit LED digital tube to display the relative humidity in real time.

★ Dehumidification water can be automatically discharged through the drainage pipe.


1.Don't block the front of the dehumidifier's air inlet and the upper and lower air outlets or mistakenly insert foreign objects into the air outlets.
2.Please keep the whole device installed upright and horizontal, don't install it upside down, the drain pipe should be lower than the outlet of the dehumidifier, the outlet of the drain pipe should lead out of the dehumidification environment, try to hang in the air, don't block or immerse in mud and other objects.
3.The device should be installed away from heat sources and installed in a larger space.
4.It is strictly forbidden to block the relative humidity sensor of the dehumidifier.

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