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September 9, 2021 Company plant held an electric shock emergency drill

Safety is important, and the company's top priority is to ensure the safety of each Seven Star family. If an electric shock accident occurs, it will cause casualties, equipment damage, and production interruption, which will cause great economic loss and injury to the company and employees. In order to improve the safety awareness of production personnel and test their ability to handle electric shock accidents on site, on September 9, 2021, Administration Department took the lead in organizing a live electric shock accident disposal emergency drill. The drill was held at the back of 5# plant of company's headquarters, and relevant personnel from production department, administration department and customer service center participated in the drill.
During the drill, our company hired a professional teacher to explain to the staff the main forms of electric shock injuries, the areas and locations where accidents are likely to occur, the seasons in which accidents may occur and the degree of harm caused, the signs that may occur before an equipment accident is likely to occur, the emergency disposal procedures for accidents and the emergency disposal measures at the scene, and also the personnel and contact information of the company's emergency rescue office.
In this emergency drill of an electric shock accident, the teacher taught by example and carried out an on-site simulation of a practical operation for the drillers.All of us also gained a lot from the drill training, and all of them passed the test in the actual operation process. It is the basic social responsibility of Seven Star Electric to let employees go to work happily and go home safely. It is also the basic principle of Seven Star Electric.

Explaining emergency rescue methods


Post time: Sep-09-2021